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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that works on all levels simultaneously - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is a therapy that has the power to radically alter your whole being and treat and cure symptoms of body and mind from gout and eczema to depression and anxiety disorders.

" I believe Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment "   ~ Mahatma Ghandi

How old is Homeopathy?

Although homeopathic thought can be traced back through the ages to Hippocrates, Who is considered the father of modern medicine, it was through Samuel Heinemann ( 1755-1843), a highly respected German physician, scholar, and teacher 200 years ago, that homeopathy emerged as a systematic medical science. There are now homeopathic hospitals, clinics and medical schools all over the world.

" The introduction of Homeopathy forced the old-school doctor to stir around and learning something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that Homeopathy has survived the attempts of the allopaths to destroy it "   ~ Mark Twain

Does Treatment Work Fast?

The effectiveness of the remedies are as fast as other medicines with regard to acute ailments.

In a chronic disorder, it may be necessary to provide in-depth treatment to avoid relapse. The treatments may stretch out over several weeks or months. Much depends on the length of time the patient has suffered with the disorder, and the individual constitution.

Homeopathic remedies given are made from a plant, animal or mineral matter and diluted to a great degree, thus this process once administered to the body creates an immune response by producing similar symptoms to which they are indicated for.

How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathic remedies work on the principle of , "like cures like" A substance that can produce certain symptoms in a healthy individual can cure an ill person with the same combination of symptoms.

How do you Start Homeopathic Treatment?

To find the correct a homeopath needs to know your total symptom picture, your response to different stimuli, your medical history, personality, and traumas in your life, vaccination history, food likes and dislikes, allergies etc. -in short, what makes you unique. The first appointment can usually take up to an hour and a half and all the information exchanged is strictly confidential. Children usually take less time. Follow up appointments are generally thirty minutes.

"Homeopathy is from first to last an art of individualizing. We have to individualize patients, and individualize remedies."     ~Dr John Clarke

What are Remedies Made From?

Remedies are made from plants, animals, and minerals. The products extracted yield a so-called mother-tincture. This tincture is potentized by a process of dilution and succession, taking the remedy beyond material substance, so that it no longer works like a chemical drug, but instead triggers an energetic healing response within the body and mind.

"it's supposed  to be a professional secret, but I'll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing. We only encourage the healer within."    ~Albert Schweitzer

What are the Side-Effects?

There is no danger of toxicity, as the remedies are so highly diluted. Physical or emotional symptoms may worsen for a short time, but this indicates usually that the remedy is triggering a healing response. Old symptoms may reappear briefly, but should be left untreated, as they are an important part of the healing process.

"Homeopathy is the safest and most reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years."   ~Yehudi Menubin

Does Homeopathy replace conventional medical treatment?

No single treatment or substance cure all diseases in all people all of the time. Homeopathy is not a "cure-all" or panacea either. It does not replace conventional medicine. Most people, whether their condition is acute or chronic, be it arthritis, asthma, colitis. indigestion, ear infections or psychological problems, can benefit from homeopathic treatment.

"The physician's highest calling, his only calling is to make sick people healthy - to heal, as it is termed."  ~Dr S. Heinemann

What is Sequential Therapy?

The body's innate healing ability is often undermined by inherited weaknesses, emotional and physical traumas, antibiotics, drugs, stress and pollution. Sequential therapy addresses such problems chronologically, using remedies to clear these blockages and thus strengthen your immune system against future illnesses.