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“The doctor of the future will
give no medicine but will
interest his patients in the
care of the human frame,
in diet, and in the cause and
prevention of disease.”
Thomas Alva Edison









Tina Profile                                                           


I was born in Kerala, the southern tip of India where I completed my early primary and secondary education after which I came to Montreal, Quebec to further my education. I enrolled in the college Marianopolis of Montreal.

Later on, I studied Computer Programming and Analysis and later I entered into the travel and tourism industry. I conducted tours for Spa and Wellness where I gained knowledge of alternate medicines and also when I went to visit Dr. Nielsen in Manitoba. At that time I attended a few of her seminars which increased my interest in Homoeopathy.

When I was growing up I knew about the Homoeopathy, but after reaching North America, I didn’t believe much on the other system of medicine. When I started searching for more information I found that Homoeopathy was more natural where we work along with the nature instead of against it. An unique point was all the medicines were proved on human beings. If you see the conventional system of medicines, they prove their medicines on rats, and observe them.

I continued to visit Dr. Nielsen in Winnipeg. Later on I worked in her clinic for more than 6 months to see that this is what I want to do. Here I had the chance to talk to the patients about their problems, why they are interested in this, what are their opinion etc. I was shocked to see that she was able to cure Asthma, chronic fatigue, Cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, food allergies, manic depression, menopausal problems. I called my family in Montreal to tell all what I am seeing. Finally I was able to convince my husband to move here. We moved to friendly Manitoba in 1995. And here I am receiving my Physician of Homoeopathic Medical Sciences Diploma.

A research and homeopathic medical  development professional who possesses excellent expertise in several areas of homeopathic and physical sciences. Significant experience in academic research with a specialization in the application of homeopathies to acute and chronic disease management methods as pertaining to infants, children, adults and the elderly. High proficiency in R& D project management, rationalization, budget and proposal preparation, and technical liaison complimented by excellent interpersonal and organizational strengths.


Skilled in the ability to develop conceptual frameworks and theories for the assessment of medical scientific technical problems and situations on a practical level as it pertains to homeopathic medicine.

Significant strengths in homeopathic research methods in a number of areas, including endocrine system and immune deficiencies, as well as cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary tract systems.

Well developed scientific research methods in internal environment and homeostasis as well as survival needs of the body and its associated systems.

Significant research strengths for the preparation of organization and coordination of cohesive, integrated homeopathic/ allopathic interdisciplinary teams of physicians and surgeons.

Well developed communication skills; able to work with technical projects in English, French and Hindi.

Good interpersonal and communication skills for the collaboration and teamwork required of a scientific research team.


Developed optimal methods of homeopathic treatments for both acute and chronic diseases.

Developed optimal homeopathic treatment programs for diabetes, hypertension, cancer treatments for the reproductive systems i.e.: breast, prostate, uterine, etc.

Developed more efficient methods of disease management of homeopathic medicines without any known side effects.

Pioneered treatment using homeopathic medicine techniques for respiratory diseases without any known side effects.

Developed treatment procedures to circumvent respiratory problems and distress    i.e.: asthma

Developed accurate and efficient methods to obtain solutions for depression using homeopathic systems.

Developed a new method of treatment for skin diseases.

Analyzed and characterized hyperactive behavior in school age children with a range of medical homeopathic physical solutions to combat this problem.