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“The doctor of the future will
give no medicine but will
interest his patients in the
care of the human frame,
in diet, and in the cause and
prevention of disease.”
Thomas Alva Edison








What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine, which was founded by the German physician Dr. Hahnemann in 1790. Dr. Hahnemann  was a very famous physician of the then dominant school of medicine. He was a successful practitioner, but deep within he was very troubled by the limited amount of useful medical knowledge of his times. He realized that, very ironically, the 'medical science' is not based on any fundamental scientific laws. And the theories on which the medicine of his time was based were vague and hypothetical. And the treatment often caused more harm than good. So he left his medical practice and started translation work instead.

While translating Cullen's Materia Medica, he decided to probe into the action of Cinchona bark, which was known to have curative power in malarial fevers. To do this, he took some extract of Cinchona bark himself. To his utter surprise, he soon developed symptoms similar to those of malaria. It occurred to him that Cinchona bark can cure malaria because it has the power to produce a similar state in a healthy human being.  To test this idea further, he did similar experiments with various substances on himself and others. And he found all his experiments confirming his idea. And so he concluded that this is a general law and called it 'Similia Similibus Curantur' , i.e.; 'Like Cures Like' - the fundamental principle on which Homeopathy is based.

This law has been confirmed by thousands of people since then and has been found to be rock-solid. Dr. Hahnemann then further developed this idea, proved hundreds of new medicines, developed methods of preparation and administration of medicines and also gave many guidelines regarding health and disease, thus giving birth to a complete and new system of medicine. This was a strong foundation and a lot of work has gone into further development of Homeopathy in the past 200 years. The work and growth of Homeopathy is still going on and at a very rapid pace. And as the physical basis of this science is becoming clear, it's acceptance is growing in all ranks of society. It won't be wrong to say - 'The Future Belongs to Homeopathy."