Canadian Academy of Homeopathic Medicine and Research


To actively promote and pursue the growth, development and integration of Homeopathy in Ontario and across Canada;

To ensure competent, qualified Homeopathic physicians;

To conduct wide-reaching research on specific aspects of Homeopathy;

To provide and assist with services and facilities for research, evaluation, training, consultation and guidance for excellence in Homeopathy.

Belna Homeopathy Clinic

Belna Homeopathy Clinic serves as the teaching clinic attached to the Canadian Academy of Homeopathic Medicine and Research. Students must complete over 1200 hours of practical Homeopathic Applications and Clinical Internship during 4th year studies. Orientations, community education, retreats, traveling clinics & specialty clinics include children's clinics; clinics for nutrition, clinics for asthma, AIDS, diabetes and fibromyalgia, and beauty and health. The Clinic delivers high quality, preventative medical treatment and services to over 10,000 patients. Tours of the College and Clinic are available by appointment.

Mission Statement

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathic Medicine and Research is committed to excellence for standards of education and practice in the field of Homeopathy while promoting its safe integration into the health care system in Ontario and across Canada. This goal is achieved by:

Working collaboratively to maintain the highest professional Homeopathic standards ensuring competent and qualified Homeopathic physicians.

The delivery of fully accredited Homeopathic studies.

Actively promoting and pursuing the restoration, growth and integration of Homeopathy within the existing health care system.

Providing holistic Homeopathic treatment through community-bases clinics, public education and outreach programs.

Inspiring respect for health, life and humanity


Year I

Anatomy I

Embryology I

Psychology I

Physiology I

Case Taking

Clinical Skills

Practice of Medicine I

Introduction to Homeopathy

Organon of Medicine I

Homeopathic Materia Medica I

Year II

Case Taking, Analysis & Education

Anatomy II

Psychology II

Physiology II

Practice of Medicine II

Organon of Medicine II

Homeopathic Materia Medica II

History of Medicine

History of Homeopathy


Year III



Practice of Medicine III

Pathology, Bacteriology, Parasitology

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Organon of Medicine III

Homeopathic Materia Medica III

Psychology III

Chronic Diseases

Year IV

Practice of Medicine IV



Dental Diseases

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Psychology IV


Homeopathic Materia Medica IV & Therapeutics

Social & Preventive Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine

Health Education & Community Preventative Care

Medical Jurisprudence


Clinical Experience and Evaluation of Skills

Practical experience provided at Belna Homeopathic Clinic during all 4 years of training.

Extended Training program in India

Fourth year studies include the successful completion of a 2-month Extended Training Program at Father Muller's Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital in Mangalore, South India. It consists of training in the specialties of (1) General Medicine, (2) Surgery, and (3) OBGY and Gynae. The Directors of Father Muller's College and Belna Homeopathic Clinic will jointly evaluate the Extended Training Program on an annual basis.

Community Satellite Clinics

These clinics provide an unique opportunity for practical experience in rural and northern communities.

Canadian Academy of Homeopathic Medicine and Research, offers a four (4) Year Full Time Physician of Homeopathic Medical Science Diploma Program. It has an exemplary curriculum enriched by an international teaching staff of qualified University Professors and Homeopathic Medical Physicians.

Additional courses are available for Nurses, Midwives, Health Care Practitioners, Community Health Representatives and Physicians. Community Education Seminars are also delivered on a regular basis.

Enrolment & Eligibility

World-wide applications are now being accepted for enrolment in the D.M.S. Course. All applicants are considered on the basis of their academic achievement, relevant work and volunteer experience, motivation, character, humanistic qualities and maturity. You may be eligible for First Nation or Metis Sponsorship.

What is Homeopathy?

Similia simllbus curentur-'let likes be cured by likes'

Homeopathy, a Greek word meaning 'similar suffering', is a system of medicine which treats disease by the use of natural substances that, when administered to healthy persons in a crude dose, produce symptoms similar to the condition for which they are being treated.

Homeopathic remedies are derived from vegetable, mineral and animal substances and are used to treat a wide range of conditions, including acute infections and injuries, chronic diseases, and emotional disorders. Remedies are carefully selected, according to each individual case, to stimulate the body's own defense systems to heal body, mind and spirit in harmony without toxic side effects. Homeopathy is the fastest growing system of medicine in the world and after conventional medicine, the most widely used.

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Chinnamma (Tina) Belgaumkar, D.M.S.

A research and homeopathic medical  development professional who possesses excellent expertise in several areas of homeopathic and physical sciences. Significant experience in academic research with a specialization in the application of homeopathies to acute and chronic disease management methods as pertaining to infants, children, adults and the elderly. High proficiency in R& D project management, rationalization, budget and proposal preparation, and technical liaison complimented by excellent interpersonal and organizational strengths.


Skilled in the ability to develop conceptual frameworks and theories for the assessment of medical scientific technical problems and situations on a practical level as it pertains to homeopathic medicine.

Significant strengths in homeopathic research methods in a number of areas, including endocrine system and immune deficiencies, as well as cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary tract systems.

Well developed scientific research methods in internal environment and homeostasis as well as survival needs of the body and its associated systems.

Significant research strengths for the preparation of organization and coordination of cohesive, integrated homeopathic/ allopathic interdisciplinary teams of physicians and surgeons.

Well developed communication skills; able to work with technical projects in English, French and Hindi.

Good interpersonal and communication skills for the collaboration and teamwork required of a scientific research team.


Developed optimal methods of homeopathic treatments for both acute and chronic diseases.

Developed optimal homeopathic treatment programs for diabetes, hypertension, cancer treatments for the reproductive systems i.e.: breast, prostate, uterine, etc.

Developed more efficient methods of disease management of homeopathic medicines without any known side effects.

Pioneered treatment using homeopathic medicine techniques for respiratory diseases without any known side effects.

Developed treatment procedures to circumvent respiratory problems and distress    i.e.: asthma

Developed accurate and efficient methods to obtain solutions for depression using homeopathic systems.

Developed a new method of treatment for skin diseases.

Analyzed and characterized hyperactive behavior in school age children with a range of medical homeopathic physical solutions to combat this problem.




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