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“The doctor of the future will
give no medicine but will
interest his patients in the
care of the human frame,
in diet, and in the cause and
prevention of disease.”
Thomas Alva Edison



A homeopathic prescription is based upon an extensive interview with the patient. During that time, the homeopath will ask questions in order to elicit information needed to match the patient's condition with the proper remedy. The patient provides the needed information through a careful description of his or her symptoms. All symptoms are valid. Homeopaths listen to their patients. Often it is a symptom that a patient considers peculiar or irrelevant which helps the homeopath to select the most appropriate remedy. The homeopath will inquire into many aspects of the patient's life. Sleep habits, food preferences, emotional disposition, fears, effects of weather, etc. are explored in the interview. A prescription is based on the totality of the symptoms, which makes homeopathy a holistic discipline.


During the initial consultation, which is quite lengthy and thorough, the homeopath needs to carefully question the patient in order to build up a multi-dimensional picture to match one of the drug pictures and find the most appropriate remedy for that person. Several people all suffering with the same named disease, or a set of symptoms, may require completely different homeopathic medicines. A clinical examination may or may not be necessary.

Treatment progress:

The patient's progress will be reviewed on subsequent visits and further prescriptions may be necessary. Although rapid results can by achieved, particularly in acute illness, if the person's vitality is low (possibly as a result of previous illness, vaccination or conventional drugs) then more gradual improvement can be expected with chronic complaints. It is not advisable to stop or reduce the dosage of conventional medication already being taken without consultation with your homeopathic physician or general practitioner who prescribed them.